Police: Maduvvari operation to safeguard women, children

Photos from the Police and MNDF operation to combat religious extremism in the island of R. Maduvvari on December 18, 2019. (Sun Photo)

Authorities have informed that the operation carried out in R. Maduvvari today was to safeguard women and children of the island caught up as victims of extremism.

The operation carried out in R. Maduvvari was to combat extremism and terrorism, recruitment of people for such causes, and to create awareness in the minds of residents as well as to protect women and children who have been deprived of fundamental rights stated in the constitution, read a statement by Police.

The statement also confirmed rumors that the island harbored extremists who lived outside the rules and laws of the society and the administration of the government. These people also repeatedly took advantage of women and children and prevented them from some basic fundamental rights inscribed in the constitution.

“The people behind such acts segregate women and children from the society, prevent them from the right to education and healthcare such vaccinations, condoned and carried out child marriages and unlawfully detained or confined their victims to residences, prevented birth care and necessary healthcare and subjected their victims to life-threatening dangers.” read the statement.

The ongoing operation, according to the statement, will search the residences of those suspected of these acts, identify the senior figures behind these acts, examine and inspect the condition of the children and women in the households and will work towards taking steps to protect the rights of them.

The statement also read that the people behind these acts harbored extremist religious ideology and worked to spread this dangerous rhetoric. These people also impede upon the rights and property of others based upon their own beliefs and commit different criminal acts.

The authorities will also not hesitate to take the necessary steps specified in the law on information attained against those advocating for terrorism and supporting terrorist groups. Police stated that Maduvvari residents were cooperating with the operation underway on the island.