R. Maduvvari Council secretary general dies in accident

R. Maduvvari Council Aslam Abdulla who passed away in an accident on April 9, 2023.

Aslam Abdulla, R. Maduvvari Council’s secretary general, died in an accident involving a pickup on Sunday. 

A resident who spoke to Sun from Maduvvari said that Aslam was crushed between a wall and a pickup in an accident that occurred while reversing the council-owned pickup. 

“Speed was hit pressed instead of the break while reversing the pickup. The pickup then went and smashed into the wall, taking Aslam with it,” the resident details. 

Police said that Aslam passed away while being treated at Ungoofaru Regional Hospital. 

Aslam was appointed Maduvari Council's secretary general on November 16, 2022.