The meaning of ‘Sun’

The word ‘Sun’ means ‘iru’ in Dhivehi. The name of our online news refers to the star which lights up and purifies the world every morning, and darkens it at dusk. The rays which illuminate and bring warmth to lives, and help us distinguish night from day, is what we have chosen to call our online news. We guarantee sizzling fresh news, seven days of the week. We are Sun.


Sun Media Group

Sun Media Group Pvt. Ltd. formed in the year 2011, has become the largest independent media group in the country in its short life span.

As the leading media group, we have a TV station, radio channel, local magazine and Travel Tourism Magazine as well as Local and International News website delivering fresh and most updated verified news; which attracts a regular listener and readership quiet supreme in the country as well as in the globe.

Our company is based on belief that our customer's needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs and helping your business shine!

Sun Media Team is the most experienced media team amongst the private media stations in the country, and has a number of national and international award winning journalists and other staff.


Sun FM Radio

Sun FM Radio was the second private radio station to start operations in Maldives, commencing its services in 2008. Sun FM Radio today reaches two thirds of the population, making it the radio station which geographically reaches the widest range of listeners in the country. This includes the most densely populated areas of the country.

With 90% live broadcasted programs Sun FM offers programs of all tastes, suitable for all age groups.


Sun Online

Sun Online an online news site registered in the Maldives. Sun Online’s objective is to make the best use of ‘freedom of expression’ guaranteed in the Constitution. Sun Online’s news team works round the clock to bring timely local news to readers.

Sun Online was born in May 2010. Today, Sun Online is one of the most accepted and loved online news sites in the country. If the public was to give it a rank, it would end up in first or second place.

As Sun Online expanded, Sun Online English Edition was introduced at the end of 2011. Today, Sun Online is one of the news sites which bring fresh local news to audiences around the world.

Some advantages Sun Online has, apart from being a news site is, it has a link given to stream Sun FM radio and Sun TV, which is used by Maldivians all over the world. It also has a link to read the issues of Sun Magazine.

Sun Online also has, Sun List and Sun Store Section. Through Sun List companies can post their announcements/job postings and tenders; while Sun Store is for postings of goods and services for buying and selling.


Sun TV

Sun TV Plus was aired 24/7 until the beginning of August 2014 when Sun TV was launched. Sun TV carries news and current affairs programs and as well as entertainment, sports and fashion and lifestyle programs including religious programs targeting all age groups. Sun TV is available throughout Maldives via satellite and can also be watched anywhere around the world via the live stream.


Sun Magazine

Sun Magazine is a print media operated under the umbrella of Sun Media Group. Sun Magazine comes out twice a month. Many people believe that Sun Magazine is the best quality magazine to ever be released in the Maldives. The writers of Sun Magazine are the most talented in the country. Several of them have won local and international awards for their work.


Maldive Islands

Sun Media Group, being the largest private media house in the country, launched “Maldive Islands”, a Travel Tourism Magazine in the Maldives in 2017 December. The initial reach out of the magazine is over 200,000 travelers. The magazine offers a unique combination of Travel and Tourism news and in-depth features on local and international destinations, as well as business, sport, food, Lifestyle, arts, technology and luxury content.



  • Awarded International Star for Leadership award by BID Group International in 2014
  • Ranked no 1 website in Maldives by Alexa
  • First to introduced local youtube channel “Sun Play” (A platform where individual and companies can create their own channels and share videos)
  • First to introduced news headlines to mobile phones. (Once subscribed, news headlines and breaking news are sent to mobile phones throughout the day. This application is being used by thousands of people around the country)
  • Exclusive radio partner for Emirates Destination Radio. (Emirates have more than 100 destinations worldwide and with Emirates Destination Radio you can get their travelled destinations music right on your iPhone. 97 live stations from across 6 continents were chosen for this application. And Sun FM is proud to be selected amongst them from Maldives)