Nurse injured in Maduvvari gas cylinder blast

R. Maduvvari.

A gas cylinder exploded in a home in R. Maduvvari on Tuesday, resulting in injuries to a female nurse from India employed at the island’s health center.

A local told Sun that the nurse had turned off the cooker after preparing a meal before she went to work on Tuesday.

“She went back home after her shift ended at 11:30 pm and turned on the cooker. There was a gas leak,” said the local.

He said that the nurse sustained serious burn injuries to a large part of her body.  And that ceiling of the kitchen had collapsed in the incident.

An official from the health center said the nurse was brought in at around midnight, barely half an hours after she left work.

“The condition of the patient was too serious to question her regarding the cause of her injuries,” said the official.

She sustained burns to 42 percent of her body.

She was transferred to the Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital on early Wednesday.

The nurse injured in the incident has worked in several health centers in the region.