Tribunal orders reinstatement of Maduvvari muezzin accused of terrorism

Police officers raid residences linked with religious extremists in R. Maduvvari on December 18, 2019. (Photo/Maldives Police Service)

Employment Tribunal has ordered the reinstatement of a muezzin from R. Maduvvari, who was fired in 2020 after he was charged with terrorism.

Mohamed Maujood, Saeedha Manzil, R. Maduvvari, was dismissed on August 12, 2021, citing he had spoken in support of terrorism.

He lodged a wrongful dismissal case with the Employment Tribunal.

The tribunal, after hearing the case, concluded on Sunday that his dismissal lacked both substantive and procedural fairness.

The tribunal found the Civil Service Commission failed to prove there was sufficient reason for his dismissal.

Civil Service Commission was ordered to reinstate Maujood, and pay him the salary and allowances he would have received since his dismissal within 30 working days.

Maujood was arrested on January 7, 2020, on suspicion of terrorism and attempt to disrupt religious unity.

Police believe that Maujood, under the pretense of teaching children to perform prayers, took them to his home and spoke to them of subjects that were both age inappropriate and pro-terror.

Tribunal said the Civil Service Commission failed to submit a police report to prove how Maujood was found guilty of the offenses in question.