PNC: Denial of cabinet approval means impeding govt

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu attends a PNC rally on December 28, 2023.

The ruling PPM-PNC coalition warned on Sunday that withholding parliamentary approval for members of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu’s cabinet means deliberately impeding the functioning of the government.

The Parliament is set to take its vote on the 22-member new cabinet at 01:00 pm on Sunday. However, opposition parties MDP – which holds a majority in the Parliament, and the Democrats have stated that they will be withholding approval to some of the government ministers.

In a press statement on Sunday morning, the PPM-PNC coalition said it believes the refusal to grant approval to members of the cabinet, who are appointed to execute the policies of a government, is a move to impede the work carried out by the government for the betterment of the country’s people.

“It is the president’s responsibility to create the ministries and institutions needed to fully implement policies, and to appoint capable individuals to run these ministries and institutions,” said the coalition in the statement.

The PPM-PNC said the coalition has full confidence that the ministers appointed by President Muizzu are capable and experienced, and will prioritize the interests of the people above all.

“This coalition believes political parties must allow the ministers appointed by the president the chance to execute their duties, and that it is therefore imperative that the ministers receive approval,” said the PPM-PNC in the statement.

The ruling coalition said that refusal to grant approval to the cabinet ministers constitutes to refusal to provide cooperation for the functioning of the government and a blatant disruption of public services.