No-confidence motions filed against Speaker Aslam, Deputy Speaker Saleem

Speaker Mohamed Aslam chairs a parliamentary sitting. (Photo/People's Majlis)

The ruling PPM-PNC coalition, on Sunday, has filed no-confidence motions against the Parliament’s Speaker Mohamed Aslam and Deputy Speaker Ahmed Saleem.

An extraordinary sitting of the Parliament was slated for Sunday, with the cabinet’s approval on agenda. Ahead of the sitting, main opposition MDP decided to withhold parliamentary approval to four ministers which prompted pro-government MPs to obstruct the sitting from proceeding.

It eventually escalated to violence which saw an MP injured.

A no-confidence motion against the parliament’s speaker or the deputy speaker can be filed with the signatures of one-third of the parliament members. Ruling PPM-PNC coalition filed the no-confidence motions with the signatures of 23 MPs, out of the 87 MPs.

The no-confidence motion stems from the stalled cabinet approval. The coalition has accused Speaker Aslam of misusing his official capacity to complement the interests of a certain party.

The coalition also states Speaker Aslam initially sent back the Parliament’s Government Oversight Committee’s report on cabinet approval in violation of the parliament’s regulation.

The coalition’s no-confidence motion also includes signatures from MPs representing MDA, MNP and independent MP Mohamed Nasheed Abdulla.

A no-confidence motion means no further parliamentary works can proceed without reaching a decision on the motion. Notably, Aslam was appointed speaker following the resignation of former speaker Mohamed Nasheed after Supreme Court ruled his no-confidence motion had been stalled in violation of the law.