No action yet after police kneel on man’s chest during arrest

Screen grab from video clip of police arresting a suspect in Fuvahmulah City on July 4, 2024.

The police have yet to take any action, a week after a video emerged showing the police make a brutal  arrest in Fuvahmulah City.

The video was shared on the social media platform X on July 4. According to the person who shared the video, the incident took place during a counter-drug operation in Fuvahmulah.

The video shows a police officer kneel on the upper chest of a suspect as he lies pinned to the ground, while another officer appears to twist his hand.

When asked about an update on the case on Wednesday, a police spokesperson told Sun that the investigation into the case remains ongoing.

The spokesperson added that no action has been taken against the officers involved, citing the ongoing investigation.

The chief police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner of Police Ahmed Shifan confirmed the incident took place while the police were making an arrest in Fuvahmulah on July 4. However, he did not comment on the nature of the crime.

In a post on X the same day, Shifan said the police service finds such incidents unacceptable, and has asked the Police Professional Standards Command and the National Integrity Commission to investigate the case.

“The Maldives police do not encourage even the slightest act of violence,” he added.