CP meets with officers involved in manhandling suspect

Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameed (MC Hameed). (Photo/File/Sun/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameed (MC Hameed) has met with the police officers caught on video manhandling a suspect in an operation at a residence in Maafannu district of Male’ City last Friday evening.

The video in question shows four officers in plainclothes beating up a man.  Shortly after the video went viral over the social media, CP Hameed took to Twitter to condemn the actions of the officers and announced they will be placed under immediate suspension.

CP Hameed announced this Saturday morning that he has personally met with the officers involved, and that an official investigation has been launched into the incident.

He also promised the full cooperation of the police for the separate investigations underway into the incident by National Integrity Commission and Human Rights Commission of Maldives.

Police brutality will not be tolerated, said the CP.

The video of the incident shows the officers beating and kicking the man, even after he fell to the floor.