Kudafari Council partners with Polytechnic to train people for green jobs

N. Kudafari. (Photo/Facebook/Kudafari Council)

N. Kudafari Council has partnered with Maldives Polytechnic to conduct a course in Kudafari to train people for green jobs. 

Application for the six-month course - certificate level III in renewable energy systems and maintenance - is open until November 1. 

Kudafari Council’s president Ali Shameem Mohamed told Sun on Monday that application for the course is open for the people in N. Atoll and beyond. 

Shameem said that the purpose of the course is to lessen environmental damage through utilization of renewable energy sources, and reduce spending on energy and cultivate a culture of economization. 

Shameem said that the people of Kudafari began their journey towards renewable energy sources by installing solar panels on the roof of the council building. 

Solar panels installed on the roof of N. Kudafari Council. (Photo/Kudafari Council)

He said that solar panels will also be installed on additional buildings in the island. 

“This course will be conducted by Polytechnic in this island. We are sponsoring part of the course. We have set the target to achieve net zero in Kudafari by 2024. We are therefore working towards this goal. The next priority is to train people,” he said. 

Shameem said that the Kudafari Council encourages people from other islands to enroll in the course. 

“We want islands other than Kudafari to also head towards renewable energy. This is how we can lessen the impact on the environment. The key thing in this is to train people. Therefore, we have also opened this opportunity to other islands,” he said. 

Solar panels being installed on the roof of N. Kudafari Council. (Photo/Kudafari Council)

Shameem said the council is working allocate spots for women, youth and persons with disabilities who wish to enroll in the course.