Kudafari women offered jobs at Siyam World, MVR 2M income to island

MP Ahmed Siyam Mohamed speaks to members of the local community during the 'Kudafari Community Maahefun’ held on April 1, 2022. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Siyam World Maldives, a luxury resort in N. Atoll, has signed several agreements with the Women’s Development Committee of N. Kudafari, offering the women in the island opportunities to earn an income.

The first agreement pertained to opportunities for home-based female workers. The opportunities offered under the agreement are expected to inject an annual income of MVR 1.6 million into Kudafari.

President of Kudafari WDC, Milhana Ibrahim told Sun that under the agreement, home-based workers will supply 2,500 roshi, a Maldivian flatbread, to the resort each day, short eats every Friday, and will have the opportunity to participate in the ‘Maldivian Night’ held on Fridays.

Milhana said that over 30 women will be involved in the work, and will earn a monthly income of MVR 3,900.

The second agreement pertained to day jobs. Opportunities have been offered to 15 women under the agreement, which is expected to inject an annual income of MVR 1.4 million into Kudafari.

“The work of sweeping the floors in the resort are carried out by the women of this island. It has been three months. More women than men are involved in this as well,” said Milhana.

Milhana said that the opportunities offered by Siyam World will improve the finances of the women of Kudafari.

“We are truly very happy today. We have engaged in a lot of efforts, approaching different parties to offer such opportunities for women. After so much effort, we got this opportunity from a resort owned by a child born to our own island, a person so beloved in this island, Ahmed Siyam Mohamed. Siyam has always done great service to this island,” she said.

Milhana thanked Siyam, the Chairman and Managing Director of Sun Siyam Group, for using a large percentage of the income earned by Siyam World to support women.

“We don’t know how to thank him. We sincerely thank him for his generous support,” she said.

Milhana said the WDC was receiving great support from Kudafari Council’s President Ali Shameem Mohamed.

Shameem told Sun that the WDC has four mandates under Local Council Act, one of which was to facilitate employment and financial opportunities for women.

He said that the opportunities offered by Siyam World facilitates income generating opportunities for over 43 women.

Siyam World’s General Manager Abdulla Thamheed said the opportunities were offered to Kudafari women under instructions of Siyam himself.

Thamheed noted that the agreements would facilitate an increase in income to a lot of women, and said Siyam was considering offering opportunities to more women.

“This is just the beginning. Based on how this goes, we are considering offering opportunities to other islands as well. The chairman wants to offer opportunities for islands in N. Atoll and beyond,” he said.