Hospital beds provided to bed-ridden individuals at Kudafari

A photo of hospital beds being provided to bed-ridden senior citizens residing at N. Kudafari. (Photo/Kudafari Council)

The government has provided hospital beds to senior citizens who are bed-ridden at N. Kudafari.

Kudafari Council President Ali Shameem told Sun that the Council hopes that this would ease the difficulties faced by the caretakers and family members of such persons – and help them look after them better. The Council also applauded the caretakers and family members for looking after them with love and care.

At present, the island has 40 people who are above the age of 65. Out of this, the government is providing hospital beds to eight people this time around. So far, five of them have been provided with hospital beds.

The Council also added that one of the beds has not been brought to the island as of yet – but will be receiving it soon.

Kudafari Council transports hospital beds to houses where bed-ridden senior citizens reside. (Photo/Kudafari Council)

“There are senior citizens at Kudafari who have been bed-ridden for about five to six years. They are being provided with hospital beds. Five persons have been handed over their beds today. A total of eight people will be provided beds this time around. While we have yet to receive one of the beds – we believe it will be brought to the island very soon. The purchase order has already been sent – but the delivery is expected to take some time,” Shameem had said.

He also added in the future the Council members would visit houses where bed-ridden senior citizens reside to identify their needs and cater to them with the help of other relevant authorities.

Shameem also detailed that the Council had carried out the work in cooperation with the Gender Ministry and NSPA.

The government has previously provided wheelchairs to senior citizens residing at Kudafari who have mobility impairments.