Second test on Mahibadhoo patient negative for coronavirus

A. Dh. Mahibadhoo. (Photo/Dynamyst)

An elderly patient from A. Dh. Mahibadhoo who tested positive for the new coronavirus on Saturday after he was transported to Male’ City for medical treatment, has tested negative in a follow-up test.

The patient, identified as someone above the age of 80 years, was initially treated at the regional hospital in Mahibadhoo before getting transported to ADK Hospital in the capital for further treatment.

He was tested for the new coronavirus upon hospitalization at ADK Hospital.

A. Dh. Hospital’s manager Bunyamin Hassan told Sun that Health Protection Agency (HPA) has informed the hospital that a second test conducted on the patient came back negative.

Bunyamin said the patient did not present with any symptoms consistent with the new coronavirus.

Maldives has 5,041 confirmed coronavirus cases, including 143 new cases recorded on Sunday. 2,804 of the patients have since recovered, while 19 have died from complications.

The country now has 2,218 active cases. 140 coronavirus patients are hospitalized.