Former Home Minister: Opposition at a dead-end

Politician and former Minister of Home Affairs, Umar Naseer. (File Photo)

The former Home Minister Umar Naseer has described that the opposition political coalition of the country is faced with a dead end.

Umar Naseer’s comments were in relation to the comments of opposition PNC deputy leader and Maavashu MP Mohamed Saeed made during the “Ithurukaafu” program on CNM TV last night. The opposition senior figure said that the coalition was not confident of freeing former President Yameen, who in jail for money laundering charges. Saeed also lamented the lack of a pivotal figure in the opposition to lead the way.

Umar Naseer stated in relation that the opposition was faced with a dead-end, and while the coalition could not move forward, it could also not take a step back.

Former President Yameen was sentenced to five years in jail by the Criminal Court on November 28, 2019. Protests to free the former President which kicked off following the sentencing has also been brought to a standstill as of recently.