Family Court: Ali Saeed fired for sexual harassment

File photo of two men entering the Family Court. (File Photo)

Former assistant legal officer at Family Court, Ali Saeed was dismissed from his post after he was found guilty of sexually harassing one of its female employees, says the court.

Ali Saeed was dismissed last Tuesday, June 18.

In a statement this Thursday, Family Court said that after the allegation was reported to the court, it, on May 2, sent a request to the Department of Judicial Administration (DJA) for an investigation into the allegation.

Family Court said Ali Saeed was dismissed after the DJA’s investigation proved he sexually harassed the female employee.

“Ali Saeed was dismissed from his post after DJA concluded its investigation into the allegation he sexually harassed a female employee of the Family Court, and the investigative committee, on June 13, 2019, ruled that he was guilty,” said the court in its statement.

The court said it had followed the regulation for officials employed in the judiciary in dismissing him.