Adeeb supplied info on suspects in Rilwan’s abduction to Justice Didi

Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla: Rilwan was last seen in the early hours of August 8, 2014 and is believed to have been abducted. (File Photo)

‘Sun’ has been informed former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Gafoor sent a text message to Justice Abdulla Didi disclosing information in two suspects held by police in connection with the abduction of journalist Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla prior to their release by Criminal Court.

The two suspects in question are:

  • Mohamed Suaid, Athiree Aage, S. Hulhudhoo
  • Abdulla Haisham, Saeedhaa Manzil, S. Meedhoo

The court order instructing their release from police custody was issued by Justice Didi – who had been serving at the Criminal Court at the time.

Justice Didi is currently in the middle of an ethical violation inquiry by Judicial Service Commission (JSC) regarding a criminal probe against him by Maldives Police Service.

JSC member, Hisaan Hussain read the evidence shared by MPS against Justice Didi during the open inquiry held at Dharubaaruge this Thursday.

Hisaan announced that the evidence shared by MPS included text messages exchanged between Justice Didi and an unnamed known criminal ‘Suspect 1’ asking the Justice to arrange the release of both Suaid and Haisham.

‘Sun’ has been able to confirm through a reliable source that the ‘Suspect 1’ in question is Adeeb.

A document shared by MPS, which Hisaan read during the inquiry, says that ‘Suspect 1’ sent a text message to Justice Didi in which he disclosed information on the two suspects.

Police investigators found that after the text message, Justice Didi issued a court order instructing Suaid’s release citing insufficient evidence to warrant continuing keeping them in police custody.

They also shared evidence that Haisham too, was released at the instructions of ‘Suspect 1’.

Adeeb has been repeatedly accused of involvement in the abduction and presumed murder of journalist Rilwan – allegations which he continues to deny.

Adeeb had also been serving as Acting Defense Minister when Azlif Rauf – a suspect in Rilwan’s abduction and multiple other crimes – fled from the country.

The Presidential Commission on Murders and Enforced Disappearances has taken Adeeb’s statement in connection with Rilwan’s case.