Democrats’ members accused of threatening MP Andhun Hussain

South Henveiru MP Hussain Shaheem (Andhun Hussain). (Photo/People's Majlis)

South Henveiru MP Hussain Shaheem (Andhun Hussain) says he was threatened by members of The Democrats who went to observe the parliamentary sitting Wednesday.

Interrupting Dhiggaru MP Ikram Hassan with a point of order, Andhun Hussain said he was threatened by four general members of Democrats in the stairwell of the Parliament, on his way to the tearoom.

He said he was threatened again when he shared the incident with Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed.

“I told him and he said “I will have them slap you yet. I will teach you a lesson”.” It is sad to have things at the Parliament deteriorate to this level,” he said.

Andhun Hussain said visitors shouldn’t be able to threaten MPs and that it poses a danger to the safety of MPs. He said that the Parliament had denied his request for security in connection to prior threats he received.

He referred to the brutal attack on Mathiveri MP Hassan Zareer last May.

“The injury of one of our MPs from getting hit in the head with a hammer has yet to heal. I bring this to the attention of the Parliament because we find it hard to act as advocates of the people under such circumstances,” he said.

10 members who belong to Democrats sat at the Parliament’s gallery on Wednesday to observe the sitting.