MTCC contracted to upgrade Omadhoo harbor

Agreement signing between MTCC and Planning Ministry for two projects on January 17, 2023. (Photo/Planning Ministry)

Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure, on Tuesday, has contracted Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) to upgrade ADh. Omadhoo harbor.

The agreement pertaining to the projects was signed during a special ceremony at Planning Ministry on Tuesday. Director-General Shaana Farooq signed the agreement on behalf of the Ministry while CEO Adam Azim signed on behalf of MTCC.

Omadhoo harbor project was contracted to MTCC to be completed within 630 days. The project valued at over MVR 72 million, funded from the state budget, involves new harbor basin dredging operations of 49,765 cubic meters, and channel dredging operations of 12,105 cubic meters.

The scope of work also includes the construction of a 398-meter breakwater alongside the construction of quay wall and revetment.

In addition to this project, MTCC was also awarded AA. Rasdhoo harbor breakwater construction and shore protection project.

To be completed within one year, the project involves the construction of a rock boulder breakwater at the eroding site at Rasdhoo measuring in 64-meters alongside a 224-meter groyne and 1,763-meter revetment.

Over 86 million from the state budget will be used to fund this project.