Gender Ministry: Ali Solih's attacker remained free due to absence of an isolation request

Man threatens traffic police on August 20, 2022. (Photo/Dhauru)

Gender Ministry has stated that the man who attacked State Minister Ali Solih with a sharp-edged weapon on Monday remained free in the society due to absence of a request from doctors and family to isolate him.

Ali Solih was attacked by a man suffering from multiple mental illnesses. The assailant attempted to stab Solih on the back of his neck, and instead slashed his left hand when he lifted his hand to protect himself. He has been remanded in police custody for 15 days in connection to case.

Sun has learned that the suspect is the same man who barged into the Salman Mosque back in July wearing clothing with the logo of terror organization Islamic State, and disrupted Friday prayers. He was arrested by police and released the same day.

He was also seen by multiple witnesses, including reporters, threatening to kill two traffic police officers in Majeedhee Magu on Saturday night.

Apart from attacking Solih on Monday, he also shouted on the road whilst holding a sharp-object – instilling fear and a sense of threat amongst pedestrians.

Many had questioned why such a dangerous person had remained free in the society, also asking why he was not isolated if he was a patient that required assistance.

Commenting regarding the matter, a senior official from Gender Ministry told Sun that such persons are placed in the home at Guraidhoo upon request from either their family or doctors. The official stressed that no such request have been put forth regarding the person in question by his family, or a doctor.

“The family was handing his medical treatment as well. He was under the family’s watch” the official had said.

The official also detailed that a domestic-related case involving the suspect was previously submitted to the Ministry, however disclosed no further details.

It was also noted that the Ministry rendered assistance to his family in 2020 at their request, following difficulties in taking him to hospital to consult a psychiatrist.