137 cases of violence against children in May, most cases involve sexual and physical abuse!

A poster depicting child sexual abuse.

Gender Ministry, on Monday, has stated that 137 cases of violence against children were submitted in May – out of which 31 cases pertain to sexual abuse and physical abuse respectively.

Statistics released by Gender Ministry show that they received and attended to 278 cases in May.

Out of the 278 cases – 137 pertained to violence against children including 31 cases of sexual abuse, 31 cases of physical abuse, 26 cases of negligence and 20 cases of witness to domestic violence. Other type of cases investigated included emotional abuse, exploitation, blackmail and bullying.

Two cases of child rights violation were reported that involved refusal to send children to school and failure to acquire identification documents.

Meanwhile, 19 cases of behavioral problems involving children were attended by the Ministry – including seven cases of running away from home; five cases of refusal to attend school and three cases of temper tantrums.

Six children were taken under state care and four children were reinitiated with families. With these changes – a total of 203 children are under state care at present.

Apart from this, the Ministry also attended to 49 cases of gender-based violence and domestic violence with the most number of cases pertaining to physical violence and abuse – being 25. The second most number of cases pertained to emotional and verbal abuse – being 13. One case of rape was also reported.