Police investigates video showing young boy being assaulted at Milandhoo

Sh. Milandhoo. (File Photo)

A video showing a group of young boys assaulting another boy, presumed to be of the same age, at Sh. Milandhoo has surfaced on social media today.

The video shows the boy being assaulted by a group of boys at a tree-grown area located near Milandhoo’s football stadium. The victim can be heard crying as he is thrown to the ground and beaten up. The children in this video are approximately between the ages of 13 and 14.

Commenting on the video, MIlandhoo Council President Abdulla Athif said that incident had been prompted by a disagreement between the children.

“At present, even we are unaware of what sort of disagreement and its details,” he added.

The case has been reported to both Maldives Police Service and Gender Ministry. Athif assured full cooperation from the Council for the probe of the case by authorities.

“All authorities are jointly discussing measures which can be taken to ensure such an incident does not occur on this island again,” he also noted.

A Police Spokesperson confirmed that the viral social media video had come to their attention – whereas the authority is now probing the case.