PG sends back case against man who urinated inside mosques to Police

Masjid al-Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu al- Auzam (Islamic Center) in Male’ City. (Sun Photo)

Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) has sent the case against the man who had urinated inside the Islamic Centre and Friday Mosque in addition to in front of the President’s Office – back to the Police.

Police requested PGO to file charges against Hassan Ziyad, 40, M. Shady Home, Male’ City, in connection to the case on October 24.

PGO’s Spokesperson, Public Prosecutor Ahmed Shafeeu told Sun that the case was sent back the Police requesting a more comprehensive investigation in order to file charges.

Ziyad had urinated inside the Masjid al-Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu al- Auzam (Islamic Center) in Male’ City during Magrib prayer on October 3. On the same day – he also urinated inside the Friday Mosque and in front of the President’s Office.

He was arrested by the Police on October 4 – and was remanded in custody for 10 days by the Criminal Court on October 13. Following the conclusion of the investigation into the urinating incidents – Ziyad was released from custody on October 25.

On Sunday, Ziyad had spitted on a holy Quran book at Masjid al-Ibrahim – following which he was rearrested by the police.

The Police previously said that he suffers from a disability – adding that it would be probed whether he suffered from any other mental illnesses.

However, Gender Ministry, on Monday, said that they observed no mental illness from Ziyad.