Migrant worker arrested in connection to murder in Dhangethi

Police search a private residence in ADh. Dhangethi in the investigation into the murder of a local businessman on October 16, 2021.

Police have arrested a migrant worker on suspicion of the murder of a businessman in ADh. Dhangethi. 

Mahmood Aboobakr, 57, was found murdered and thrown into a water well in an abandoned house in Dhangethi on Thursday afternoon, hours after he was reported missing. 

Police confirm they made an arrest in connection to the case on Saturday morning. 

Police identified the suspect as a “male migrant worker”. 

The migrant in question worked as a live-in caregiver for an elderly man in a house close to where Mahmood’s body was found. 

The house was searched by the police on Saturday morning. 

A local who spoke to Sun said the police searched the house in response to multiple reports of a suspicious noise being heard from the house on the night Mahmood disappeared. 

The house in question is located approximately 100 meters from where Mahmood’s body was found. 

Mahmood was last seen on Wednesday night. He was reported missing at approximately 10:00 am on Thursday, following which locals banded together to find him. His body was found in a water well in an abandoned house at approximately 03:15 pm. 

Locals say Mahmood was known for carrying a large amount of cash in his pockets and suspect he was killed in a robbery. 

Shortly after he was found murdered, a group of locals took the law into their own hands to hand over two men who they believed to the murderers to the police. The two men, along with a woman linked to them, have been removed from the island under protective custody of the police. The two men were later arrested in connection to a separate case.