Two accused by public in Mahmood’s murder in custody regarding another case

Ali Jamshad who ADh. Dhangethi residents believe to be involved in the murder of Mahmood Aboobakuru being taken to the police station by the residents.

Sun can confirm that the two accused by the public in the death of Mahmood Aboobakuru who was found murdered inside a well at ADh. Dhangethi yesterday – is currently in police custody regarding another case.

An official from Maldives Police Service had told Sun that three individuals handed over to the Police by Dhangethi residents yesterday – whom they suspect to be involved in the murder – are currently under arrest regarding another case.

As per Sun’s findings, the two individuals that Dhangethi residents are accusing of the murder are Ali Jamshad, 31, Foreign Villa, AA. Thoddoo, and Shaarih Ali, Foreign Villa, AA. Thoddoo.

The two individuals are from the same family; Shaarih being the son of Jamshad’s sister.

The third person handed over was a woman who allegedly has a connection to both Jamshad and Shaarih.  

When the three individuals were handed over to the police by Dhangethi residents – they were all granted police protection.

It is unclear as to which case they have been arrested over. Nevertheless, Maldives Police Service’s Media Official has said that no arrests have been made regarding Mahmood’s murder.

The individuals suspected of the murder were escorted out of Dhangethi today – under police protection. They were supposedly taken to ADh. Mahibadhoo.