MDP takes mayoral seats in 3 cities, PPM takes Male’

Combined file photos of (from L-R) MDP candidate for Fuvahmulah City mayoral seat Ismail Rafeeq, MDP candidate for Kulhudhuffushi mayoral seat Mohamed Athif, and MDP candidate for Addu mayoral seat Ali Nizar.

Preliminary results of the Local Council Elections 2020 held this Saturday show ruling MDP set to win mayoral cities in three cities, and opposition PPM set to win the mayoral seat in the capital Male’ City.


Preliminary results received by Sun show MDP candidate Mohamed Athif leading the race for Kulhudhuffushi City mayor with a 450-vote margin.

Mohamed Athif won 1,300 votes, while his closest rival, opposition PPM candidate Abdulla Iqbal won 850 votes. Independent candidates Ahmed Saeed and Adam Shareef won 96 votes and 87 votes, respectively.


Preliminary results show MDP candidate, former Addu Hithadhoo MP Ali Nizar leading the race for Addu City mayor with a 425-vote margin.

Ali Nizar won 1,443 votes, while his closest rival, opposition PPM candidate Mohamed Latheef won 1,018 votes. Independent candidate Ibrahim Tahir won 61 votes.


Preliminary results show MDP candidate Ismail Rafeeq leading the race for Fuvahmulah City mayor with a 154-vote margin.

Ismail Rafeeq won 1,457 votes, while his closest rival, PPM candidate Mohamed Toriq Ahmed won 1,303 votes. Meanwhile, JP candidate Ziyad Zakariyya Hussain (Captain Ziya) won 21 votes.


PPM candidate, former Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu appears set to be the winner of the race for Male’ City mayor early on. He is currently leading the race with a margin of 3,791 votes.

Muizzu has won 9,548 votes, while his closest rival, MDP candidate Anas Abdul Sattar won 5,757 votes. Independent candidate Alhan Fahmy won 265 votes.