Elderly man transported to Male' tests positive for COVID-19

N. Kudafari. (Photo/Salhiclicks/Facebook)

An elderly individual who was transported from the island of N. Kudafari to N. Manadhoo and then to Male' City has tested positive for COVID-19.

Kudafari Councilor Mohamed Rameez confirmed that the elderly man had tested positive. Rameez said that the individual was first taken to to the Atoll Hospital in Manadhoo around two days back.

"He was taken to Male' from there. HPA confirmed the news that he tested positive. I think the individual is aged above 80,"

"Due to his old age, he cannot go outdoors and is bedridden. Could be around a year since he last went outdoors," said Rameez.

N. Atoll Hospital Manager Ismail Shafeeq, speaking with Sun said that the individual was brought to Manadhoo due to a fracture in the leg. The individual was then transported to Male' yesterday morning since there was no specialist at Manadhoo Hospital.

"Late last night, around 23:30, HPA informed us that the man had tested positive for the virus. Contact tracing regarding the case is now completed in both Kudafari and Manadhoo, and has been shared with HPA." said Shafeeq.

HPA had not informed of any specific line of action so far, said Shafeeq. A doctor and a nurse had come into contact with the individual in Kudafari, while 13 others had come into contact with Manadhoo. 

"Including the sea ambulance crew, around 16 in total. They have all been asked to stay at home. No official word has been received from the HPA yet." said Shafeeq.

A total of 10 cases of COVID-19 were identified in Manadhoo at the beginning of the outbreak in the country. Nine of the ten cases were connected to an elderly patient who was transported to Male' City due to health issues.

The patient later passed away due to other health complications after recovering from the virus. The remaining positive cases from the island all recovered, and monitoring mechanisms on the island were lifted on June 1.