PPM/PNC says MPs will attend parliament once safety is assured

MP Adam Shareef speaking at a news conference held by the opposition coalition on January 11, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

PPM/PNC coalition MP Adam Shareef Umar has said that the opposition will only stop boycotting the parliament when the safety of opposition MPs are guaranteed.

Opposition parties have been boycotting the parliament after MP for Naifaru  Ahmed Shiyam, deputy leader of PPM was removed from the parliament sitting on June 2. The MP was removed forcibly by other MPs and was reportedly injured in the scuffles.

Opposition parties allege that the MP was removed on the orders of Speaker Mohamed Nasheed who had announced the name of MP Shiyam three times for him to leave the session after causing a commotion.

Maduvvari MP Adam Shareef said that there were extremely concerning bills and motions in the parliament. He said that opposition MPs wished to be present in the parliament to hold others accountable for the bills.

However, opposition MPs would only return after being assured of their safety. Coalition leaders have held discussions regarding the matter which saw the decision made, said MP Umar.

He also said that opposition MPs wanted a written assurance from Speaker Nasheed that the incidents related to MP Shiyam would not be repeated. 

“The first point is that since the incidents inside the parliament (altercations on June 2) were wrong, Speaker of the Parliament should assure us that it would not be repeated,” said MP Umar.

If those in the parliament believed in democracy, then they would not move forward with parliamentary works without a minority or opposition, said MP Umar. He also said that the incidents which showed his autocracy had resulted in a huge loss for Speaker Nasheed politically.