Opposition calls on govt. to move Yameen to house arrest

People's National Congress president Abdul Raheem Abdulla (C). (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The progressive coalition has called for former president Yameen to be moved to house arrest.

The former president who is in jail following a five-year sentence was requested to be moved home as a show of unity by the opposition coalition.

PNC president Abdul Raheem Abdulla, speaking at a news conference called for the political divisions to be kept aside and to prioritize the nation and unity. He called on the government that only by uniting can the country overcome this difficult situation.

“I call on the president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih that this is a good opportunity to establish unity in the country. To show an example, we call on moving the opposition leader to his home and end his stay in jail as an example,” said Abdul Raheem.

He also gave previous instances of when the country had worked to band together.

“For instance, in the days of Cholera, President Ibrahim Nasir’s priority to unite the country, which resulted in the dangerous situation being resolved quickly,” said Abdul Raheem who also noted the 2004 Tsunami disaster as another example.

Abdul Raheem also stated that he had messaged President Ibrahim Mohamed following the confirmation of the two Covid-19 cases, and assured that the cooperation of the opposition would be given to face the situation.