Maduvvari “Asseyri” operation continues into fourth day

Police officers raid residences linked with religious extremists in R. Maduvvari on December 18, 2019. (Photo/Maldives Police Service)

Maldives Police Service’s special operation to curb religious extremism in R. Maduvvari, codenamed Operation Asseyri, along with its investigations in collaboration with Gender Ministry, has continued into a fourth day.

The police, with support from Maldives National Defense Force, began its operation in Maduvvari on Wednesday, December 18.

The police have arrested three men suspected of religious extremism, and have reported the seizure of evidence including doctored marriage certificates and electronics.

According to the police, many of the children who belonged to families of alleged religious extremists were found to have been denied their right to mandatory vaccination and education.

The police, in a press statement on Friday night, said that one of the families which had refused to send children to school or vaccinate them, had continued to resist despite counselling by the Gender Ministry, and that the State had transferred the custody of a young girl who belonged to the family from the parents to an aunt.

Authorities had counselled and vaccinated three children who belonged to another family last Thursday.

Child Rights Protection Act makes it compulsory for parents to ensure their children are administered mandatory vaccination and are sent to school.

The police raided two more residences in Maduvvari on Friday and continue to summon persons of interest for questioning.