Difference of religious ideology behind Dr. Afraasheem’s murder

Dr. Afrasheem Ali. (File Photo/People's Majlis)

The report by the Presidential Commission on Deaths and Disappearances (DDCOM) on the cruel 2012 murder of religious scholar Dr. Afraasheem has revealed that it was a difference of religious ideologies between Dr. Afraasheem and some others that led to his murder.

Dr. Afraasheem was murdered on October 2, 2012, near the stairwell of his home in H. Funviluge. The religious scholar and former MP had arrived late after finishing the shooting of a religious program on TVM.

The DDCOM had sent the report on Dr. Afraasheem’s murder to the President last Thursday and the President shared the contents of the report with relevant authorities and institutions such as the Parliament, Attorney General’s office, Prosecutor General’s office, Counter-Terrorism Center of Police.

Some of the contents of the report spread afterward on social media indicate that it was Azlif Raoof from H. Hilton that planned the murder and was assigned the task by a group of people who had a difference of religious ideology with Dr. Afraasheem.

President of the DDCOM Husnu Al Suood pictured with another member. The DDCOM has concluded the investigation into the brutal murder of Dr. Afraasheem Ali and sent the report to the President on November 7, 2019.

Hussain Humaam from H. Lobby was charged in the murder, found guilty and sentenced to death. The conviction and sentence against Humaam were upheld on all appeals. However, Ali Shaan (Sato) from H. Hicoast who was also charged with Humaam in the case was found not guilty of the murder.

The DDCOM’s report on the murder, however, showed a different picture. The report stated that Shaan had actively taken part in the murder with Humaam and was accompanied by a minor during the attack.

Azlif Raoof, the mastermind behind the murder had traveled out of the country in 2015 as the murder was being investigated. He was rumored to have died while fighting in the Syrian civil war, however, this has never been confirmed by an official source.