Home Minister resigns and retracts resignation

President of the Adhaalath Party, Sheikh Imran at the inaugration of his party's political activities on 15 November 2018. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla has resigned from office and retracted his resignation.

The President’s Office has confirmed Sheikh Imran’s resignation.

The Spokesperson of the President’s Office, Ibrahim Hoodh, told Sun Media that Shekh Imran handed in his resignation this morning, on his own accords. However, the resignation has since been retracted.

Home Minister Sheikh Imran had a 12-year prison sentence passed against him when he was initially appointed to the position. But the Supreme Court has taken the sentence for review an ordered not to implement the sentence.

Many has criticized the government, including some lawyers, for appointing Sheikh Imran to public office while a possible prison sentence is in his future.


Spokesperson Hoodh said that Sheikh Imran resigned because he didn’t want any suspicions on him from the earlier criticism. And said that even then, there was no legal objection for Sheikh Imran to take public office.