Direct flights from South Africa to Addu City

Inside the inauguration of direct flights from Johannesburg to Addu City via South African Airways.

Direct flight operations have started between Johannesburg, South Africa, to Addu City in the Maldives.

The inaugural flight landed in Addu City this morning around 11:30 a.m. at Gan International Airport.

Speaking at the press conference today after the inauguration of direct flight operations from South African Airways, the Maldivian Minister of Transport and Civil Avaition, Aishath Nahula, said that it is going to improve trade and tourism the sectors in the south.

Champa Hussain Afeef, also spoke at the ceremony, on behalf of KASA Holdings PLC, saying that it was an idea of a South African travel agent to begin flight operations to Gan. And this will also open an easy route for businesses to import goods.

South African Airways is intended on expanding their flight operations to the Maldives and include other markets as well.


Currently, the airline will be operating a weekly flight on Sundays with A300 planes which has an occupancy of 300 people.