Husnu Al Suood placed on 4-month suspension

Former Attorney General of Maldives Husnu Al Suood. (File Photo/Sun)

Former Attorney General of Maldives Husnu Al Suood has been placed on four-month suspension.

Al Suood’s four-month ban on practicing law at any Maldivian court comes in response to a tweet he wrote on September 24 and a news article carried by a local media station in reference to him the same day.

Al Suood tweeted on September 24 that the Supreme Court ruling in 2013 extending the presidential term that year by six days (to November 17) was unconstitutional.

Department of Judicial Administration (DJA) issued a statement last Tuesday saying Al Suood’s actions were in violation of the regulation on legal attorneys. And that the Supreme Court has made the decision to suspend him for four months, during which he will be banned from practicing law at Maldivian courts and tribunals.

Al Suood has been on temporary suspension since the DJA started its investigation on September 25.