Muizzu: Bridge opening will not be delayed

Installation of steel box girders on the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge. (Photo/Twitter/Dr. Mohamed Muizzu)

The opening of the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge (CMFB) between Male’ City and Hulhule’ has not been postponed, says Minister of Housing and Infrastructure, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

Muizzu made the statement in a tweet following talk the opening of the bridge has been postponed.

In his tweet, Muizzu said CCCC Second Harbor Engineering of China has been contracted to complete the bridge on September 25.

“But the contractor took the initiative and informed us they will be completing the project two months ahead on schedule [on July 26],” wrote Muizzu in the tweet.

He said that completing the bridge before September 25 is not a delay, but an acceleration.

Muizzu previously announced that the contractor is currently working on connecting the two main columns of the bridge, which will be completed by July 9.

Once the work is complete, workers will begin using asphalt to level the bridge and install light fixtures on the bridge.