Date of Presidential Election to be announced tomorrow

Yameen Abdul Gayoom casting his vote in the 2013 Presidential Election. (Sun file photo)

Elections Commission (EC) has said that they would be deciding the exact date for the Presidential Election set for this September. 

Talking on PSM's "Raajje Miadhu" (Maldives Today) program, member of EC, Ahmed Akram said that the 2018 Presidential Election will be held in September as planned before. 

He said that the date of the election will be finalized tomorrow in a Commission meeting. And it would be announced as soon as possible. And as per the plan before, candidacy will be opening in June. 

Akram said that the voters list will be announced by the middle of the month along with the chance for the re-registrations. 

He advised the public to be prepared for the voters list especially those who wish to vote outside of their registered islands and cities.