High Court rejects complaint over rejection of Naseer’s candidacy

Hussain Naseer: Elections Commission has rejected his candidacy application for Presidential Elections 2018. (File Photo)

High Court has rejected the complaint filed by Hussain Naseer, who applied to run in the Presidential Elections 2018 as an independent candidate, over Elections Commission’s decision to reject his candidacy application.

Naseer filed the complaint with the High Court on August 13. And the registrar at the court made his decision last Wednesday.

The registrar’s decision reads that the court does not consider the complaint an elections-related complaint based on set rules and regulations, and that the court will therefore not review the complaint.

Naseer’s agent, Amjad Hussain reported to the press in an earlier statement that the complaint wasn’t filed to delay the elections, but because Naseer found EC’s decision in the matter unacceptable.

“They reported the rejection citing issues with the form just moments before the window of opportunity to apply for the elections closed. We believe we should have been given appropriate time to amend any issues with the form,” said Amjad.

Spokesperson at EC, Ahmed Akram reported earlier that Naseer’s candidacy application was rejected due to issues with the signatures of his 1,500 endorsees, and issues with his registered permanent address. Akram also said there were some issues with the criminal record of Naseer’s running mate, Sheikh Nasrulla Musthafa.