Muli to issue beachfront plots for tourism

M. Muli. (Photo/Imthiyaz Afeef)

The local council has decided to issue land for long-term lease from M. Muli, in order to boost the tourism sector as the island readies to open its airport.

Muli is the capital of M. Atoll. The island already has offices of multiple government institution and banking services. It also has a surf point.

Muli Council’s vice president Ibrahim Shakif told Sun on Wednesday that the issuance of land for tourism is a key initiative to boost the island’s economy.

Shakif said that the council believes the airport – which he said is close to completion - will boost the island’s local tourism sector.

He said the council is issuing four beachfront plots the size of 8,000 square feet for 50 years.

Prospective investors have been asked to register for bidding by 01:30 pm on January 13.

The bidding will be held in February.

Muli Council can be reached via phone at 6720508 or 9774475 for additional information.