Muli Council: Prayer call proclaimed early by mistake

M. Muli mosque. (Photo/

M. Muli Council, on Sunday, has stated that the prayer call for Magrib was proclaimed early on Saturday by mistake.

Magrib prayer call was proclaimed several minutes earlier than the actual prayer time on Saturday evening; an issue that immediately blew up on social media. It was also rumored that some Muli residents followed the call in breaking their fast.

Muli Council President Shamoon Rameez told Sun that the individual who proclaimed the prayer call early had not been the muezzin appointed to the island’s mosque who had done so by mistake. He added that the individual was stopped by a group of people before he could complete the call.

“Elderly people usually go to the mosque very early. In cases where the muezzin is not present – one of the prayer-goers might stand in to proclaim the prayer call. The individual thought the muezzin was not coming. He mistakenly interpreted the time wrong and proclaimed the prayer” he said.

Shamoon detailed that although rumors claimed some Muli residents broke their fast to the call – no such report has been brought to the attention of the council. He added that people are much more vigilant toward such mistakes these days.

“Many islanders thought it was a microphone test,” he noted.