Land being issued from Muli in a first since 2013

M. Muli. (Photo/Imthiyaz Afeef)

The local council has opened applications for land from M. Muli for the first time in nine years.

Land was last issued from Muli for residential purposes back in 2013.

Muli Council’s president Shamoon Rameez told Sun on Saturday that applications for land is being opened at the request of the island’s residents.

Shamoon said the council had faced delays waiting for the passage of the Decentralization Act and the island’s land use plan.

“There was a huge delay waiting for the passage of the land use plan. We wanted this to be done smoothly, without any issues,” he said.

Muli is issuing 135 plots the size of 2,000 square feet. 10 of the plots are designated for people who wish to migrate to the island – a decision which Shamoon said the council made to increase the size of the island’s population.

Shamoon said the decision will improve the economic and social situation of the island.

“Currently, there are four or five families living in one home. There are people living a difficult life,” he said.

Applications for land from Muli opens Sunday.

The deadline is set to January 12.