Members of the Democrats called to rejoin MDP

Thoddoo constituency MP Hassan Shiyan. (Photo/MDP)

Thoddoo MP Hassan Shiyan has called for the former members who have joined the political party created by former President Mohamed Nasheed, The Democrats, to jin MDP once more.

Speaking at the rally held at Sosan Magu last night, Shiyan called for the former members who left MDP for various reasons to rejoin MDP before the second round of the 2023 Presidential Elections.

He further said tht MDP is the political party that ended the 30-year reign in Maldives and brought democracy to its shores and that holding onto little issues that occur forever will not be the best thing for the country.

“I was also a person who worked to form that party. However, we must accept the fact that you are MDP. So the first round is over. I would like to call on those in different parts of the country who were involved with MDP at the time and those who have gone away for various reasons to come join MDP again,” Shiyan said.

He also said that a MDP led government would be much better for The Democrats than one led by PPM and that unless the development projects started by the government can be finished at a high speed, can Maldives be safe.

“There will only be security for this country if you cooperate in this effort to give President Solih a second term and work towards a safe, smooth and peaceful Maldives,” Shiyan said.

Alleging that PPM/PNC candidate Dr Mohamed Muizzu is covered in injustice, Shiyan said that while someone as faithful as President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, going back to injustice is something that shouldn’t be done at all.

He said that the people remember the heartbreaking state they had to live in back in 2018 during former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s administration and that should Dr Muizzu come to power, the people will have to relive those days once more.