Pres nominate Adhurey as Speaker, Nazim as Deputy Speaker

Fonadhoo MP-elect Abdulraheem Abdulla (L) and Dhiggaru MP-elect Nazim --

The ruling People's National Congress (PNC) has approved to nominate the names of Fonadhoo MP-elect Abdulraheem Abdulla and Dhiggaru MP-elect Ahmed Nazim as the Speaker and Deputy Speaker, respectively, for the 20th parliamentary assembly.

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu forwarded the names at a meeting in Muliaage between the top-brass of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and ruling party's parliamentary-elect members. All the members of the meeting unanimously agreed to approve the names.

While his name has been approved for the Speaker position, many have previously rightly believed Abdulraheem will be appointed for the position. 

Even before Abdulraheem began contending for Fonadhoo seat, there were rumors and accusations that he was vying for the parliamentary Speaker's position.

The Fonadhoo MP-elect earlier said a decision about the Speaker's position will be made by the President, and he would respect any decision by President Muizzu.

He also claimed he did not have any personal agendas, and neither was he actively seeking the Speaker's position.

Nazim had been the Speaker of the 18th parliamentary assembly. 

He lost his parliamentary seat after the court ordered a 25-jail sentence on him for corruption.

Members of the ruling PNC, at the 20th parliamentary assembly will reach to 74, which includes the seven independent MPs who had signed to the party afterwards.

The new parliamentary assembly is scheduled to begin on Tuesday next week.

The first sitting following the oath taking of the members, will be to elect the Speaker and Vice Speaker.