High hopes for 20th parliament assembly: Siyam

MDA leader Ahmed Siyam Mohamed received a warm welcome during his recent visit to N. Kudafari - his birth island; the Meedhoo MP-elect said he was hopeful about the upcoming parliament assembly -- Sun Photo/ Aman Latheef

Meedhoo MP-elect and Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) leader Ahmed Siyam Mohamed said the upcoming 20th parliament assembly will be promising.

In an exclusive interview with 'Sun' last Saturday amid his visit to N. Kudafari - Siyam's birth island - he said the parliament was a crucial avenue doing important work for the public's benefit.

Siyam further said the parliament should play a vital role in enhancing a safe economic environment in the Maldives.

"I am hopeful that we will be doing a lot of important work for the public's betterment, much like before," he commented.

He also praised Maldivian citizens, stating the citizens are intelligent and are decisive about the steps taken to improve their livelihood.

"All of us are trying to better our lives, that is the vision of us politicians as well, to ensure the public get what the public want," Siyam added.

He further said the votes secured by MDA in the recently held parliamentary election indicated public's trust and confidence in the party.

Besides Dh. Meedhoo, MDA secured victory in N. Velidhoo constituency as well. Siyam won Meedhoo's seat, which was the second highest landslide victory at the parliamentary election.

Preliminary results showed Siyam secured 1,558 votes out of the total 2,156 votes; giving him a 73.73 percent win.

The recently elected lawmakers will take oath on May 28th 2024.

Ruling PNC has emerged as the majority party with 73 seats, which includes the original 66 seats and the seven independent members who joined few days after the election results.

The 20th assembly of the parliament consists of 93 members.