Muizzu: Lying is the government's strategy for the second round

PPM/PNC presidential candidate Dr Mohamed Muizzu speaking at AA. Felidhoo on September 14, 2023. (Photo/PPM)

The Presidential Candidate from PPM/PNC, Dr Mohamed Muizzu, has critcised the main leading party, MDP< saying that the strategy they are using for the secomd round of the 2023 Presidential Election is lying.

Beginning his campaign for the second round in the atolls today and speaking at AA. Feridhoo, Muizzu said that this government is doing many unlawful things. He alleged that they threaten people with their jobs among amny other things.

“There are employees of many companies in each of these islands. We have to let go of that fear. I repeat, I will not terminate anyone from any job except from political positions,” Muizzu said.

He said he would like to ask those in those jobs to be involved in the campaign activities for the next 15 days. He also assured that, even if he was dismissed, his job would be restored under his rule.

“Let go of fear, let go altogether,” Muizzu said.

He said the people are determined to change this government and he asked them to come out to finalize that decision.

“They lie without any limits. Now I notice that the strategy for the second round of this government is the strategy of lying,” he said.

However, the people are more aware and not too concerned about what is being said, he said. He said that many untrue stories are spread every day and if you hear them, you should ask him.

In addition, he described the talks as trying to create fear in the hearts of the people and reduce support.

Muizzu will visit eight islands in ADh and AA Atolls today to seek support.