Planning Minister: RTL will transform Maldives forever

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam speaks at the launch of RTL ferry service in GDh. Atoll on August 30, 2023. (Photo/Planning Ministry)

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam says the Raajje Transport Link (RTL) high-speed ferry service, which will link the entire country by the end of 2024, will transform the Maldives forever, urging the people against letting anyone stop the initiative.

The RTL ferry service is currently available in HA. Atoll, HDh. Atoll, Sh. Atoll, and Lh. Atoll. With the launch of the service in GA. Atoll and GDh. Atoll of Huvadhoo on Wednesday, the network has now been expanded to six atolls.

Speaking at the ceremony held in GDh. Thinadhoo to celebrate the launch of the service in GDh. Atoll, Aslam said that one of the biggest purposes of the RTL service is to end isolation.

He said that Maldives cannot experience true development unless the 187 inhabited islands of the country are linked.

“What the people want from any government is to make transformative changes. This service will transform Maldives forever,” he said.

Aslam said that stopping the project would harm the people.

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam attends the launch of RTL ferry service in GDh. Atoll on August 30, 2023. (Photo/Planning Ministry)

He said that the RTL service isn’t a business model, and isn’t carried out to generate a profit.

“These types of projects aren’t carried out to generate a profit, but to improve the convenience of the people,” he said.

The service is free for children under the age of four years, and people with disabilities.

According to Aslam, over 19,000 people who fit the categories have used the service so far.

“Isn’t this where we want to head to? Isn’t this what we are trying to do? Do not, under any circumstances, let anyone stop this,” he said.

The RTL service began in GDh. Atoll with six high-speed ferries. Aslam said the fleet will be expanded to eight ferries, soon.

“And there will also be backup launches. Each launch will have six crew members. This is creating jobs. Good jobs. Jobs they can work from their island,” he said.