Minister Aslam: Trees in Ameenee Magu cut down over possibility of future damage

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam responds to questions at the Parliament. (Photo/People's Majlis)

Housing Minister Mohamed Aslam, on Wednesday, stated that the trees in Ameenee Magu are being cut down in carrying out the development works on the road because of the possible damages they may cause and not due to a corresponding government policy.

Responding to a question posed by West Henveiru MP Hassan Latheef at Wednesday’s parliamentary sitting – Minister Aslam said that although the trees in Ameenee Magu are old and large which provide significant shade, there is a high probability that they may cause damage to the road once the road is redeveloped and brought into use under a new design.

On this note, he detailed that dewatering pipelines, upgraded MWSC’s sewerage system, high voltage cables and other pipelines and cables used for the provision of various services will be buried during redevelopment works of Ameenee Magu.

Workers cut branches off trees in Ameenee Magu on September 19, 2022. (Photo/La Vera Pizzeria)

Therewith, he stressed it was highly probable that the trees would damage these cables and pipelines as they grow further.

“Literature from across the world and experiences in the Maldives both show that when trees exceed 30 centimeters in width – it causes damage to the drains, pavement and the road surface,” he detailed.

Ameenee Magu redevelopment project garnered much criticism from the public over deforestation of the road to carry out the project. The road, in Male’ City, is amongst ones with the greatest number of trees – some of them being over 20 years old.

Moosa Ali Manik, the Managing Director of Road Development Corporation (RDC) which undertakes the redevelopment project, states that the road will have new trees at the completion of the project.