107 cases of child abuse reported in November

Photo shows a march by citizens against child and sexual abuse in Male' city held on January 24, 2020. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services on Sunday revealed a total of 252 cases were reported to the authority in November, from which 107 cases were of different forms of child abuse.

According to the statistics publisized by the ministry, lately, the number of cases related to child abuse was on the rise. While in October the figure was 79, in the following month, it is well over 200.

Of the child abuse cases, with 28 cases, most reports were for negligence.

Additional reports involving children include:

- 25 sexual abuse cases

- 18 physical abuse cases

- 9 emotional abuse cases

- 1 exploitation case

- 3 bullying and harassment cases

- 1 commercial exploitation/child labour case

- 2 blackmail cases

- 2 sexual grooming cases

- 1 cyber grooming case

Furthermore, there were 20 cases related to behavioural problems of children reported during November.

Other cases reported to the ministry include:

- 18 cases of family issues

- 50 cases of gender-based violence cases

- 25 cases of self-harm

- 22 cases of care and support for elderly

- 2 cases of social support and well-being

The ministry has been working to address the issue of the increased number of child abuse cases within the country.

By November, there were 189 children under state care, as per the statistics. During that month, seven additional children were brought into the care of the government, and a single child was reunited with their family. Another child in state care was provided with employment opportunities, after turning 18.