Faisal’s brother: I can’t believe he could have killed his wife

Nishama Mohamed, 28, and Aboobakr Faisal, 32, with their children.

The family of the man accused of killing his wife, a young woman from HDh. Nolhivaram, state they cannot believe he could have killed her.

Nishama Mohamed, 28, was found dead in her home in Nolhivaram on Saturday afternoon. Her husband, Aboobakr Faisal, 32, ADh. Fenfushi, had initially fled to HDh. Kulhudhuffushi, before he turned himself in to the police and was subsequently arrested.

“I still cannot believe it. I don’t believe he could have killed someone. They lived with us in our home for close to two years before they moved to Nolhivaram,” said Ibrahim, Faisal’s older brother, in an interview to Sun on Tuesday.

Ibrahim confirmed allegations by Nishama’s family and residents of Nolhivaram that Faisal had a substance abuse problem.

“He may use drugs but he couldn’t have killed someone,” he said.

According to Ibrahim, Faisal’s drug addiction wasn’t secret to the family. He refused to listen to repeated pleadings by his family to seek treatment.

Faisal’s drug addiction led to strained ties between him and the rest of his family.

“Me and Faisal were never close. I did not keep close contact with him due to his behavior, even if we share the same mother. I am not happy with how my brother is living his life,” said Ibrahim.

Nishama’s family believes her death was a result of domestic violence in the hands of her husband – fueled by his drug addiction.

However, Ibrahim said he never saw any signs of violence during the couple’s time in Fenfushi.

The couple moved with their three children to Nolhivaram after Faisal, a technician at Fenaka Corporation, was transferred to the company’s Nolhivaram branch.

Ibrahim said he was heartbroken to learn of Nishama’s death, less than a year after they moved to Nolhivaram.

“I was very sad. Nishama was like a sister to me. We were always together. I was very sad to learn of her death,” he said.

Ibrahim said the news of her death was a shock to their father, who had to be treated at the local health center, and is now in Male’ for additional treatment.

Faisal’s family suffered a second blow when they learned of his attempt to commit suicide by hanging in the holding cell at the Kulhudhuffushi Police Station on Monday night.

He did not have a pulse when he was taken to the Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital, and was revived at the hospital’s ER.

He remains in critical condition at the hospital’s ICU.

Nishama and Faisal have three children; a son and two daughters. The eldest is seven years, the middle child four years, and the youngest is two years.

Ibrahim said he will respect the decision of Nishama’s family regarding the future of the three children.

“I believe, they have their maternal grandparents. If they are granted to our custody, I will bring them up as my own children, In Sha Allah. I do not want to let them go. They are the children of my half-brother after all. I will look after them, In Sha Allah,” he said.

Nishama’s body has been transported to Male’ City, and is set to be flown overseas for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.