Turfs readied for installation at Nolhivaram field set ablaze again

Turf transported to HDh. Nolhivaram for football field development project set on fire on January 31, 2023. (Photo/Twitter/Ahmed Mahloof)

Turfs readied for installation at HDh. Nolhivaram’s football field under development was set ablaze for the second time on Monday.

The initial arson of the turfs took place in the early hours of January 31st – three days before they were scheduled for installation.

The second arson took place late Monday at approximately 15:33pm.

Nolhivaram Council President Yoosuf Moosa told Sun on Monday that a total of 12 turf rolls were set ablaze this time around.

“What else to say, do not know who is doing this, or why. But the belief is that this was arson,” he said.

Yoosuf detailed that the fire was put out after extracting water from the sea – which had been time-consuming. Police, Fenaka staff and council staff worked collaboratively to put out the fire.

Speaking further, Yoosuf said that many Nolhivaram residents were concerned over the delays in the completion of the turf field. He added that the council had subsequently requested the Sports Ministry to expedite the works.

Sports Minister Ahmed Mahloof expressed concern over the initial arson of the turfs, describing it as a “cowardly” act.

The development of Nolhivaram football field had originally been scheduled to begin November 2019. But the project began one year later, in December 2020. The project had been scheduled for completion in October 2022.