Nolhivaram’s Islam teacher arrested with drugs

HDh. Nolhivaram. (Photo/Trip Advisor)

The Islam teacher at the school in HDh. Nolhivaram has been arrested with drugs.

Naiz Ibrahim was arrested from the Nolhivaram harbor on Sunday evening, upon arrival from Kulhudhuffushi City.

Nolhivaram Council’s president Yoosuf Moosa confirmed the arrest.

He told Sun on Monday that the police found drugs on Naiz.

“He has always been under suspicion. He has been under suspicion for a long time,” he said.

Yoosuf said it was an issue of great concern to the community. He said that Naiz’s friends and family had repeatedly advised him against drug use.

Yoosuf said that despite the suspicion against him, he was never arrested until now due to lack of evidence.

“It is also an issue of deep concern to I myself. Because educated people with stable jobs who have started a life like him, and not just the riffraff, are falling into this trap,” he said.

Naiz has worked as an Islam teacher for around 10 years.

The police have yet to issue a statement regarding the case.