Court orders 15-day remand for man arrested in wife’s death

Aboobakr Faisal.

The man arrested in connection to the suspicious death of his wife has been remanded in custody of the police for 15 days.

Nishama Mohamed, 28, was found dead in her home in HDh. Nolhivaram on Saturday afternoon. Her husband, Aboobakr Faisal, ADh. Fenfushi, had initially fled to HDh. Kulhudhuffushi, before he turned himself in and was arrested.

A police spokesperson said he was presented before the court for his remand hearing on Sunday.

“The court ordered for the suspect to be remanded in a facility determined by the Home Ministry for 15 days,” said the spokesperson.

Nishama Mohamed, 28.

Police have confirmed an autopsy will be done to determine the cause of Nishama’s death.

Nishama is survived by three young children.